Medical Education

Medical Education at 新澳门六合彩官网开奖

St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney has a long-standing reputation in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. Our medical education programs aim to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to promote safe and effective management of patients in accordance with the mission and values of St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney.

Our programs are committed to equipping junior medical staff and students with professional, technical and scholarly skills. We believe in on-the-job learning with high quality supervision, mentoring and formal education initiatives, such as lectures, workshops and online learning. We promote excellence in teaching and training. 

新澳门六合彩官网开奖 provides learning opportunities and encourages junior doctors to participate as both learners and teachers.

For more information on undergraduate medical education and research programs with UNSW Sydney and a list of available ILP/Honours and PhD projects, please visit the St Vincent’s Clinical School website at or email us at

Medical Students at 新澳门六合彩官网开奖 Clinical School, UNSW Sydney

St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney has had medical students since 1898. St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney is the oldest teaching hospital in Australia. It became a Clinical School of the University of Sydney in 1923, then affiliating with the University of New South Wales in 1968. St Vincent’s Clinical School, UNSW Medicine, has a distinguished history of medical student education, service and research for over five decades.

St Vincent's Clinical School, UNSW Medicine, prides itself on the close collaboration between Medical, Nursing and Allied Health staff within St Vincent’s Hospital. Its co-located research institutes and facilities provides our students and staff with opportunities to thrive in an environment of specialist knowledge and wide clinical experience, within an atmosphere of dedication and excellence.

All clinical supervision and tutoring is done by the St Vincent’s Hospital senior and junior medical staff who are Conjoint staff and Academics of the School, with approximately 400 tutors across the campus currently involved in student teaching and research.

Students enjoy advanced clinical skills teaching in the Simulation Centre, as well as bedside and small tutorial-based learning. Students are able to participate in a full array of clinical experiences in the operating theatres, clinics and on the wards. The teaching is undertaken not only in the Public Hospital but also throughout the adjoining Private Hospital and the Clinic.

The school also offers opportunities for non-UNSW Medical students (both domestic and international) to complete an Elective placement at St Vincent’s Hospital. More information can be found on the UNSW Medicine Clerkships website; .

For more information please visit the St Vincent’s Clinical School website at or email us at